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Достатність фондування банківських кредитів

Th e article reveals the peculiarity of bank lending to corporate customers in the
context of the banking system and the 10 largest banks that since 01.01.2007 have
been a part of the fi rst group of banks in terms of assets. Accordingly, the study
covers such stages: the stage of active growth (2007 – early 2008), the impact of
the global fi nancial crisis (end of 2008 – 2009), post-crisis development (2010–
2013), the political crisis and the war in the East of Ukraine (2014). Th e analysis
was performed in two areas: non-performing assets and loans dollarization. Th e
problem of assets quality of the banking sector remains high and tends to increase
nowadays. Th e peculiarity of post-crisis development's period was the situation,
that the large part of the non-performing loans was recognized by the banks only
in two years after the crisis. Th e results of the regression model show that in the
studied period loans to households have impact that is more signifi cant to the
credit risk, than loans to corporation. Th is result could be explained due to the
fact that the lending of the banks to the households is riskier and therefore requires
the creation of large amounts of the reserves. Th e dollarization of the bank loans
to corporations did not have such serious consequences, such as the dollarization
of the households' loans because the corporations are engaged in foreign trade, in
particular the exporters, and may receive income in foreign currency. e can say
that the dollarization of the bank loans to corporations remains largely unchanged
and gradually tends to decrease due to the high volatility of the foreign currency
exchange rates, the permanent bans the NBU in lending economic entities that do
not have foreign exchange earnings and the curtailment of the export-import
activities. Finally, against the background of the current economic conditions the
reduction of the foreign currency lending also contributes to the decrease of the
pressure on the demand for foreign currency. In general, the challenges for the
banks and the corporations are extraordinary and will have the long-term negative

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