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Germanium thermistor

The main disadvantage of known thermistors is the weak sensitivity to a magnetic field what does not allow to control
appreciably the resistance of a thermistor with the help of magnetic field. In addition, such a control is possible only at low
temperatures. The new in the claimed technical solution is that the electrical contacts for a thermosensitive element are made of tin,
and these contacts are able to inject nonequilibrium charge carriers into a thermosensitive element. The injection coefficient of
contacts depends on the value of magnetic field which leads to an increase in the magnetic susceptibility of the thermistor. The new
also is the production of a thermosensitive element from single-crystal germanium with the concentration of impurities less than
thermodynamically equilibrium concentration of charge carriers at the temperature defined as “cold resistance” of a thermistor, i.e.,
the conduction is close to the intrinsic conduction at the above-mentioned temperature.

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Рік видання:  2016
Звітний рік:  2016
Видання:  Journal of Electrical Engineering
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Кафедра / Відділ:  Електрофізики / Квантової радіофізики
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Ключові слова:  exclusion, depletion, magnetic field, sensitivity
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