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Axiological role of language philosophy in the culture of a nation

Aim. The research aims at defining the main trends in the synthesis of philosophical, cultural and linguistic grounds of language functioning as a social cultural phenomenon with represented points of view, approaches and opinions on language problems with historical philosophical, philosophical linguistic and philosophical anthropological prerequisites being taken into consideration. It also aims at analyzing and revealing an organic unity and mutual influence of existence, thought, speech and language in different spheres of human life. Methodology. Methodological basis of the research bears a complex interdisciplinary character. Comparative and hermeneutic analyses served as the main methodological grounds, alongside with analogy and synthesis method for better understanding of the subject of philosophical analysis. Scientific novelty. The use of a conceptual approach to the investigation of philosophical and linguistic problems of language functioning has been suggested and explained/ on which basis a traditional topicality of theoretical and practical studies of language philosophy has been reconsidered. An urgent necessity for stronger motivation, arousing and supporting interest to learning a native language has been revealed, the necessity to solve a problem of interrelation and interaction of language and culture has been proved. On the grounds of comparative linguistics we have investigated the connection of language with the formation of the nation’s spiritual force, distinctive way of peoples’ life and inner structure of its language and national spirit. Conclusions. The given research allowed not only to identify new aspects of language functioning but also to considerably expand the subject matter of linguistics and language philosophy as a means of grasping possible solutions for the problems connected with a harmonious development of the nation’s spirituality where a nation’s language is one of the most distinguished factors of its spiritual culture.

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Звітний рік:  2018
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Кафедра / Відділ:  Іноземних мов факультетів психології та соціології / Інша структура
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