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Animal remains from Neolithic settlements of the Middle Dnieper area (Ukraine)

The paper deals with the role of different branches of economy in the life of Neolithic people in Eastern Europe (within the Middle Dnieper area, Ukraine). For this purpose, analysis of the osteological and malacological materials (authors’ own determination) was made, as well as manufacturing bones and other auxiliary finds were used. The settlements under study (Surskyi Island, Shulaiv Island, Vovnigi, and Buz’ki) were found on small islands and banks of the Dnieper River in Ukraine, and excavated in the 1930-1950s. It has been shown that the economic bases for their residents were fishing and hunting, supplemented by cattle breeding and gathering. The general species list of identified animals includes two species of molluscs, nine freshwater fishes (sturgeons, carp fishes, catfish, pike, zander), one reptile (European pond turtle), fifteen species of birds (diving waterfowl, mallard, coot, black grouse, owls, cormorants), and seventeen species of mammals. The latter are predominantly represented by wild species (bison/aurochs, red deer, roe deer, wolf, fox, wildcat, hare, beaver, marmot, and squirrel). The number of domesticated forms (cattle, sheep, goat/sheep, pig, horse, and dog) is less significant. Numerous animal bones from the studied settlements bear traces of butchering. Some of them were used in manufacturing (harpoons, fishhooks, devices for weaving fishing nets, borers, pendants, spearheads).

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Рік видання:  2018
Звітний рік:  2018
Видання:  International Journal of Osteoarchaeology
Том:  28
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Галузь науки:  Науки про рослини та тварин
Автори,співробітники Університету:  Горобець Леонід Вікторович / Лукашов Дмитро Володимирович
Автори зовнішні:  Ковальчук Олександр Миколайович  / Вейбер Аліна Віталіївна
Автори,студенти та аспіранти Університету:  Яненко Вадим Олександрович
Кафедра / Відділ:  Екології та охорони навколишнього середовища
№ теми:  16КП036-10
Ключові слова:  fishery, hunting, cattle breeding, gathering, manufacturing, economy, Eastern Europe
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