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Magnetoelectric Interactions in Composites of Ferrite Films on Lattice-Matched Substrates and Ferroelectrics

The nature of the mechanical-strain-mediated converse magnetoelectric
effect (CME) is studied in multiferroic composites of single-crystal-like
thin films of nickel ferrite (NFO) and polycrystalline lead zirconate
titanate (PZT). Ferrite films of thickness 0.45–1 micron are prepared by
pulsed-laser deposition on lattice-matched (100)- and (110)-oriented
substrates of magnesium gallate (MGO) and cobalt gallate (CGO) that result
in elimination of antiphase boundaries and magnetic parameters comparable
to bulk single crystals. Ferromagnetic resonance under a static electric
field E is utilized for studies of CME effects in composites of PZT and
NFO films on the substrates. The in-plane static magnetic field H is
applied along the principal crystallographic axes of the ferrite film to
study its influence on the CME. The E-induced magnetoelectric (ME)
anisotropy field HME is estimated from ferromagnetic resonance data based
on the shift in resonance frequency with E in order to determine the ME
constant A=HME/E. In composites with NFO films on (110)-oriented
substrates (i) the ME coupling is stronger for films on CGO possibly due
to a better lattice match and weaker substrate clamping than for films on
MGO, (ii) A values are the highest for H || [1,−1,0], and (iii) a negative
A value is inferred for H || [001]. For composites with NFO on
(100)-oriented substrates the strongest ME coupling is measured for H
along the [001] direction. A model for CME that takes into consideration
both compressive and bending deformation in the composites is developed
and the results of the theory are in agreement with both the sign and
magnitude of the measured ME coefficient A. The results of the studies
presented here indicate the potential for use of the composites in
self-biased E-tunable microwave devices.

ID: 231945
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дата змінення: 13.11.2019 13:05:55
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Рік видання:  2019
Звітний рік:  2019
Видання:  Physical Review Applied
Том:  11
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Номери сторінок:  054045-1-054045-15
Галузь науки:  Фізика
Автори,співробітники Університету:  Попов Максим Олександрович
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Кафедра / Відділ:  Квантової радіофізики
№ теми:  19БФ052-04
Ключові слова:  Composite materials, Ferrites, Piezoelectricity, Magnetic anisotropy, Magnetoelectric effect
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