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Рідна та ворожа земля ліричного героя Олексія Довгого / Oleksii Dovhiy's lyrical hero's native and alien land

Oleksii Dovhiy's poetic word is filled with numerous symbols, images, artistic hints and accents. The lyrical hero of Oleksii Dovhiy is deeply integrated into a range of such philosophical problems as «eternal and temporary», «to be or not to be?», «Glory and destiny». Oleksii Dovhiy's poetry presents a wide range of nationally significant realities – from the instructions to «protect and love his country» to the complete admiration of the world of «simple and dear people», which fill the country with their intentions, actions, call of the heart and move it into the future.

The article clarifies that Oleksii Dovhiy's artistic and poetic world is entirely symbolic. It is proved that, thanks to the symbol in the polyphonic structure of poetic text, the reader can see the secret – the most intimate features of the author's creative work, his artistic search. The research proves that there is a large number of words for the designation of individual symbols, nationally-marked and universal human ones in the individual speech of the poet. A special place in the poet's work is occupied by numerous linguistic images of the realities associated with his lyrical hero with his native land, the Motherland and Ukraine. As the research shows, in Oleksii Dovhiy's poetic language the image of the native land, Ukraine in some poetic contexts is the opposite of the destructive image of the strange / hostile land.

Words that express these images consist mainly of the following lexical-thematic groups: units for the designation «Culturally Marked Concepts», «Mental-Spiritual Essences», «Birds», «Plant World», «Objects of Inanimate Nature» «Social stratification» and «Natural phenomena and seasons», etc.

It is found out that in most cases the poet uses the words of several groups in order to express the fullest possible and complete transmission to the reader of the state, emotion, opinion or intention of the lyrical hero.

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Видання:  Trypillian Civilization Journal
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Автори,співробітники Університету:  Строкаль Олександр Миколайович
Кафедра / Відділ:  Української мови та прикладної лінгвістики
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Ключові слова:  Oleksii Dovhiy, concept, native land, hostile land, conceptual view of the world, lyrical hero
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