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Issues and prospects of legal regulation of commercial concession in Ukraine

At the present stage of the socio-economic development of the Ukrainian state, partnerships are being widely used and expressed in the appropriate contractual form. At the same time, objects of intellectual property, rather than ordinary goods and services, are of the greatest interest. That is why, one of the most tried and tested in the countries with developed market economy ways to use the complex of exclusive rights belonging to a right holder is a commercial concession agreement. At the same time, legal relations in the sphere of commercial concession of Ukraine are marked by rather new and imperfect legal regulation, difficulties in testing international standards and harmonization of terminology. Despite the large amount of scientific research, the realities of today require a clear definition of the problematics of legal regulation of commercial concession in Ukraine, as well as the prospects of reforming domestic legislation in the researched field. During the research the authors: (1) have traced the genesis of the legal regulation of the implementation of commercial concession in Ukraine; (2) have revealed the controversy of the theses of the representatives of the doctrine of civil law regarding the correlation of the terms “commercial concession agreement” and “franchise agreement”; (3) issues and directions of further legal regulation of commercial concession in Ukraine have been identified. It has been stated that the legal regulation of a commercial concession in Ukraine generally implies a long, systematic, dynamic process of qualitative improvement, due to the system of factors, and it has been proposed in the short term: to create a program of support for business development, which is built on commercial concession contracts; to introduce appropriate tax advantages and to improve the taxation system for this type of business activity; to improve the legislative framework for regulating commercial concession relations by choosing an European model of legislative regulation and adopting the Law of Ukraine “On Franchising”; to create a network of consulting centres to assist in the creation of new national brands and to provide support and assistance in entering foreign markets of domestic entrepreneurs.

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