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The civil legal category of property rights in Ukraine in the context of ECtHR decisions: problems of theory and practice

For the moment, ECtHR is one of the most respected and effective human rights institutions, so its decisions have the potential to create a platform to optimize and improve the application of legal rules and legal relations in case of gaps in national law. The study of the civil law category of property rights in the context of ECtHR jurisprudence is a significant step towards modernizing the consciousness of modern Ukrainian society and unifying the regulation of issues related to property. The authors used the method of analysis and the synthesis method as well as the comparative legal method in this research. In conclusion, the authors highlighted that since ECtHR decisions are binding in the administration of justice in Ukraine, there are many problems regarding the correlation between the concepts of "property", "ownership", "intellectual property", etc. The Ukrainian legislator and the law enforcer need to adapt to the flexibility of these concepts to minimize the divergence of views on legal categories that play a decisive role in the exercise of the applicant's right to judicial protection.

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