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Factors of the development of innovative economy in conditions of institutional changes

The necessity of a theoretical analysis of the institutional features of forming the national innovation
system is substantiated. An attempt to uncover the institutional factors of forming and strategic priorities
of development of the innovation economy, including institutional vacuum and improperly development of
separate institutions and subsystems, which reduces the efficiency of the economic system as a whole.
Ukraine needs to go through the development of innovative, this will give businesses a competitive edge for obtaining economic profit. Going through innovative enterprises will receive economic benefits as a special form of production capacity, reduce the physical costs of production (less
resource consumption) per unit compared to other producers in the area, or releasing products with
features that are not in competition. The specified path is based on the creation of a businessperson
technical, technological, and organizational advantage over other producers. In this case, the
source of income that it receives, it is a temporary monopoly innovator.
Only institutional transformation at the stage of the innovation model of economic development will enable Ukraine to adapt it to the requirements of the global information society and the
world to continuously improve the economic behavior of economic agents and the mechanisms of
market self-production- industrial complex of Ukraine, Small and Medium Enterprises.

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Ключові слова:  innovation economy; institutional vacuum; institute; innovative space; institutional mechanism; innovative market.
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