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Prestress Effect on the Thermomechanical Response of Viscoelastic Plate Under Harmonic Loading

A statement of the coupled thermomechanical problem on forced resonant vibrations and dissipative heating of
hinged viscoelastic elastomeric plate is given with account of prestresses present in the plate. It is assumed the prestress is
generated as a result of the manufacturing process or preliminary plate service. The problem statement is based on the standard
Kirchhoff-Love hypotheses and concept of complex moduli that are used to describe the viscoelastic material response to
harmonic loading. Under these circumstances, the prestress manifests itself as a membrane forces applied in the plane of the
rectangular plate. Therefore, the problem of in-plane stress state and problem of forced transverse vibration of the plate can be
solved separately. Both steady-state and transient thermal response is investigated. Influence of the prestress is studied in details.
Dissipative heating temperature histories are calculated for the variety of the prestress and loading parameters. Temperature
criterion is adopted to determine the critical state. The data obtained are used for the plate fatigue life prediction as well as for the
investigation of prestress effect on the plate response. The reliability of the values of frequencies on the several lowest resonances
was checked. For the most energy-intensive first mode of transverse vibrations, the influence of the preliminary tensile stress
state, as well as the amplitude of the transverse distributed load on the amplitude–frequency characteristics and temperature
evolution was studied.

ID: 246232
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дата змінення: 16.06.2020 15:20:36
Ким змінено (ім'я): (mechmat15) Олена П'ятецька
Вид роботи:  Наукова публікація
Тип роботи:  Наукова стаття
Рік видання:  2020
Звітний рік:  2020
Видання:  Advances in Applied Sciences
Том:  5
Випуск, частина:  2
Номери сторінок:  20 - 27
Галузь науки:  Математика
Автори,співробітники Університету:  Жук Ярослав Олександрович
Автори,студенти та аспіранти Університету:  Остос Олександр Хосейович
Кафедра / Відділ:  Теоретичної та прикладної механіки
№ теми:  18БП038-01
Ключові слова:  Thermomechanical Coupling, Viscoelastic Plate, Complex Moduli, Prestress, Dissipative Heating
Опубліковано за рішенням Вченої ради:  ні
Інститут/Факультет:  Механіко-математичний факультет

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